Cohen Braithwaite Kilcoyne

Cohen is a young, brilliant & inventive melodeon & anglo concertina player & a glorious singer with a deep understanding of traditional music & a powerful, compelling style of his own. He’s in great demand at folk music festivals & clubs as a solo performer & with the trio Granny’s Attic. Cohen loves to share knowledge & ideas & is a fine teacher.

Issy Emeney

Based in Somerset, Issy has been playing the melodeon, writing and arranging songs and tunes, and performing with her singer guitarist husband David for around 20 years. Issy is best known for her uniquely lyrical and musical style of playing, shaped by her own, often complex tunes and sensitive song accompaniment. She is a very experienced and popular tutor who has never forgotten what it is like to be a beginner.

Steve Dumpleton

Steve Dumpleton has been playing the melodeon and anglo concertina for over 30 years.  He specialises in playing for dancing, performing with Sheffield women’s dance team Lizzie Dripping, Fenland-based Ouse Washes Molly Dancers and local ceilidh bands.

He is an experienced teacher of both instruments and an accomplished workshop tutor, appearing regularly at Whitby Folk WeekMelodeons at Witneyand Wensleydale and at Sheffield-based folk events.  Steve was a regular tutor at the Trust’s Melodeons and More workshops and has been involved for many years with other events run by the East Anglian Traditional Music Trust. 

Steve is also a seasoned classical musician, bringing the grounding and discipline of over 40 years as an orchestral clarinettist into successful fusion with our long-standing folk traditions. Steve’s style of playing, expressing rhythmic vitality coupled with melodic phrasing, is firmly rooted in the English dance tradition, notably from East Anglia, Lincolnshire and Northumberland.  Working in West Wales has also developed his love of Welsh traditional music.

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